Gohomon words

30. Nyosetsushugyosho

  Nichiren Shonin’s Nyosetsushugyosho unveils the correct way of practicing during this Mappo period. According to the Nyosetsushugyosho, facing difficulties and troubles, people in this Mappo period should repeatedly chant and propagate the Odaimoku entrusted to the Jyogyo Bodhisattva. Thanks to the merits, we can willingly visit the Tranquil Light Land for chanting at our death.


*1. Nyosetsushugyosho: 如説修行抄

*2. Jyogyo Bodhisattva: 上行菩薩

*3. Tranquil Light Land: 寂光浄土 


Gohomon words

29. ignorance

  We need to have our own opinions in this modern society. But it is necessary to eliminate our selfish opinions impeding our faith in practicing, or we’ll lose important chances for accumulating the merits and receiving the manifested benefits. Thus, Honmon Butsuryu Shu emphasizes “ignorance”, which means we must honestly practice based on Gohomons.


*1. ignorance: 無智・自分考えを捨てる事

*2. selfish opinion: 自分考え