Gohomon words

24. Ojyogyo

  The Buddhism preaches “four sufferings and eight pains”. We’re doomed to face four sufferings of birth, aging, illness and death. Ojyogyo is chanting the Odaimoku to help people suffering. For instance, the Ojyogyo has cured a lot of people of their intractable diseases our modern medical science can’t deal with.


*1. Ojyogyo: お助行

*2. four sufferings and eight pains: 四苦八苦

*3. birth, aging, illness and death: 生・老・病・死


Gohomon words

23. Oko

  We regularly chant the Odaimoku and listen to a Gohomon with other practitioners at home (Oko). The Oko is also called “a training hall for spreading the Odaimoku”. Conversations about benefits, practices and more are exchanged after the Oko. In addition to chanting in this temple, the Oko is also important for brushing up our minds and accumulating merits.


*1. Oko: 御講


Gohomon words

22. united in minds, while separated in bodies

  We can’t receive manifested benefits through practicing alone. Being different from each other, we can solidly be united and support each other. Needless to say, cooperativeness among the practitioners is indispensable. In this Josenji temple, all of us are daily chanting the Odaimoku for accumulating the merits together.


*1. united in minds, while separated in bodies: 異体同心