Gohomon words

This page shows Gohomon words preached in this Josenji temple. Our Gohomon is based on teachings of the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren Shonin.


8. Nissen Shonin

Tokugawa Shogunate had governed both Japan and its religious sects during Edo period. The Buddhism at that time was available only for memorial services and funerals. Nissen Shonin became interested in the Buddhism after his mother’s death in late Edo period and confirmed that the Lotus Sutra was true teachings of the Buddha. Then, he established Butsuryu Ko to restore Nichiren Shonin’s true teachings at the age of 41.


*1. Nissen Shonin: 日扇聖人(1817年-1890年)

*2. Tokugawa Shogunate: 徳川幕府

*3. religious sect: 宗旨

*4. Butsuryu Ko: 佛立講(本門佛立宗の前身)