Gohomon words

This page shows Gohomon words preached in this Josenji temple. Our Gohomon is based on teachings of the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren Shonin.


9. ten worlds

  The Buddhism says that there are ten worlds of 1. the hell, 2. hungry spirits, 3. animals, 4. asuras, 5. human beings, 6. heavenly beings,    7. disciples, 8. self-enlightened Buddhas, 9. Bodhisattvas, and        10.Buddhas. And it also elucidates that we repeatedly transmigrate among the six agonizing worlds consisting of the hell, hungry spirits, animals, asuras, human beings and heavenly beings after our death.

 十界(1. 地獄, 2. 餓鬼, 3. 畜生, 4. 修羅, 5. 人間, 6. 天上, 7. 声聞,    8. 縁覚, 9. 菩薩, 10. 仏)と呼ばれる世界が存在し、私達は死後、十界の中にある苦しみに満ちた六道(1. 地獄, 2. 餓鬼,  3. 畜生, 4. 修羅,   5. 人間, 6. 天上)の世界をさまよい続けると仏教には説かれています。

*1. ten worlds: 十界 

*2. transmigration among the six agonizing worlds: 六道輪廻