Gohomon words

28. Okosui and Okyuji

  We never fail to offer water to the Gohozen before chanting the Odaimoku every morning. Water having been offered to the Gohozen is called “Okosui”, which contains huge merits of the Odaimoku. Therefore, more benefits such as recovery from illnesses can be received by chanting and reverently drinking the Okosui containing the Buddha’s wisdom and mercy. Only chanting the Odaimoku is not our practice. In addition to offering water, candle light, incense sticks and food, cleaning the Gohozen by using dusters, cloths and mops is also our important practice for improved faith.


*1. Okosui: お供水 

*2. Okyuji: お給仕 

*3. faith: 信心




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